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Educational resources:

E-Book, A Guide to Regional Groundwater Flow in Fractured Rock Aquif
E-Book, Foundation Analysis and Design, Bowles, 5th Edition
E-Book, A Geology for Engineers, 7th Edition
E-Book, Earth Manual, 3rd E. US department of the Interior Bureau of Reclamation
P-English, Calibration analysis for Water Storage Variability of the global hydrological model WGHM
Paper, Artificial Neural Network Applications in Geotechnical Engineering
Paper, Empirical correlations between shear wave velocity and penetration resistance for ground shaking assessments
Paper, Liquefaction of Silt and silty clay mixtures
Paper, Statistical Correlations Between Seismic Wave Velocities and SPT Blow Counts and the Relative Density of Soils
Paper, Use of Cone Penetration Test in Pile Design
Paper, Turkish Paper-characteristics of the ÇAY-EBER Earthquake and its evaluation in terms of local ground conditions
Stability analysis of soil slopes anchored by nailing, paper
Evaluation of soil liquefaction and its prevention methods, paper
Study durability lake environment, paper
Compare steel fibers mixed with synthetic fibers in shotcrete, the article
Numerical simulation of pollution in surface water, paper
Great-term correction severity of rainfall in Iran, paper
Estimates of probable maximum precipitation 24-hour multi-station article
Probable Maximum Precipitation curve 24 with various statistical methods and comparison with synoptic methods in Iran, paper
Determination of potential evapotranspiration using variables, the