Mineral Services Engineering Technologists Dynamic Earth summarized as follows:
1 track and mineral exploration and Quarries

1.1 Mineral Geological Survey
2.1 track and locate potential mineral
3.1 Interpretation of satellite images
4.1 Exploring planning to complete the preparatory phase
5.1 Geophysics
6.1 design and carry out exploration drilling
7.1 modeling and estimation of mineral reserves
8-1- risk assessment with the aim of reducing the cost of extraction
Remember 9-1- classification based on standards
2. The technical and economic evaluation of mining

3. The design and planning of mining

1.3 determine the extraction
2.3 Design and Optimization
3.3 phased extraction
4.3 extraction plan
5.3 Mapping extraction
4. monitor mining operations

5. The purchase and sale of minerals